Women and Music in Serbia

Support of Artistic Education: Valorisation of the Role of Women in the Arts: Promotion of Musical Creativity and Culture: Important objectives all to be found in what is another pioneering initiative regarding women and creativity in the musical field. These are the reasons why UNESCO, through the Culture Unit of UNESCO Venice Office, has decided to sustain the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica in the realisation of a project, of which the central part is this publication centred upon women’s contribution to music history in Serbia as composers and creators of music with entries for 111 women, together with the donation of music and teaching materials to Music Schools in Serbia.

The preface to the Biographical Dictionary is a “map” that explores the various musical languages used by women composers while describing the social contexts that contributed to their creation.

Our role in this undertaking is part of the commitment by UNESCO Venice Office to the protection and promotion of cultural heritage, in Serbia and in the entire South Eastern Region of Europe, in all forms both tangible and intangible: a patrimony of exceptional richness and diversity, to be lived with and administered as a fundamental factor in dialogue, reciprocal comprehension, human and economic development

For me, in particular, as a woman and professional working in the cultural field, I have a double pleasure in welcoming the publication of this book, at the same time rendering homage to the work of the women celebrated herein, together with all the women in music in every time and part of the world.

Marie-Paule Roudil
Head, Section for Culture, UNESCO Venice Office

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