First NSJO residensy

December 12th, 2015.

First NSJO residensy

First NSJO residensy was from 1st to 10th of December 2015, in Tivat-Montenegro. 13 female professional musicians, from 3 different countries, took part in 10 days educational sessions and two concerts. Educational team prepared workshops, lectures on improvisation, harmony, jazz theory, ensamble practice, big band instrumentation, stylistic playing, writing and playing together.

Some of the participants had chance to try out their improvisational imagination for the first time, get to play with other musicians other than classilac written music, and some of them, perfected their already great jazz music skills. Big band worked and rehearsed for more than 8 hours each day. After a hard working days, they had time to jam and spend dome friendly time together.

The weather was like in spring, Tivat city was inspiring , and athmospfere in Tivat music school, where the band worked, very cozy. At the end of the program, NSJO performed own compositions prepared during the residency, on concerts in Tivat and Cetinje. Concerts were well accepted.

The orchestra has got invited back on Montenegro`s cost on summer 2016.

Our next activity in this summer in Stip, Macedonia.